Zane Kirchner

October 24, 2014

Fullback champ, Zane Kirchner, is enjoying his second season at top European club, Leinster. He chats to us about life in Ireland.


What was your first impression of Ireland when you landed?

Beauty&colour of the country caught my eye straight away…Got to spend some time thru the late summer,early autumn!!


How do you find Irish people compared to South Africans?

I enjoy the people over here..I enjoy the freedom of walking around unknown!


Have you picked up any Irish mannerisms or sayings yet?

Ha ha..Words like “whats the crack” & “Grand” I hear a lot!!


Have you tasted any strange food or drinks since your arrival?

Nothing really..Stinking to what I know!


Who in your team do you look up to?

Tough one…Everybody shares a real close, tight bond! I get along & learn easily from everyone around me!


Who is the craziest team mate and can you give us some examples?

Hands down..Mike McCarthy!! U will have to experience it for yourself..LoL!!


Can you describe a big night out in your area?

I’m spending most of my down time at home..So I fool around & DJ for the fam!


Can you tell us about the house you stay in?

Very similar to back home…Only difference is we have to use gas over here!! We recently moved to a new apartment..Loving it!! Great spot..Easy access to everything!! Great views all around..


Which places have you visited in Europe since your arrival?

We had abit of time outside Dublin…& most recently went over to Paris!


What do you miss about SA when you are in Ireland?

I would say friends & family…The odd conversation here & there with familiar faces!!


What do you miss about Ireland when you are in SA?

I’ll definitley miss our 19:00 tee-off time’s during the summer… Sunset is only around 22:00-22:30! During summer..


Who will win the Currie Cup final this weekend?

Tough one to answer…Home ground always places a massive advantage!! A lot depends on the weather aswell..I’ll go for the Home side!! But like an old saying..” Its about who wants it more on the day”.


Thanks Zane and all the best.

Cheers guys.



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