Wilandre Kotzenberg

November 24, 2014

Cheetahs Flank Wilandre Kotzenberg (aka Rooies) is an accomplished player with a gold medal from the Youth Olympics under his belt! 2015 will surely provide us with further surprises from this talented affable youngster.


How do you feel 2014 went for you?

I think it was a very successful year for me. To be honest things didn’t look so bright at the beginning of the year , but hard work , a bit of fight and knowing where my strength comes from changed that and made me make a success when it counted most.


Who gets you revved up in the changing room at half time?

I’m not the type of guy that likes to go into a match all fired up , that only lasts 10minutes , but our forward coach Daan Human was the one guy who could really get our heads into it and cause that burning feeling mentally.


What was your best memory at school?

My best memory at school would definitely have to be my bestfriends whom I all see as brothers. We were known as The Pegels and that said the countless memories with them is irreplaceable. Rugby wise it would definitely be winning a Junior Olympic gold medal for team SA in 2013 for SA U/18 7’s or to have captained my school and the Craven week in grade 11.


What was your worst?

My worst memory would be seeing my friend Allen Muller’s ankle being broken right in front of me. And also one of my bestfriends being run over by a car , but with protection from above he walked away with just a tar-burn:)


If you were invisible for a day, what would you get up to?

Definitely go into the main building at The university of the Free State and see what future exams hold for me.


Favourite player?

Thierry Dusatoir , I read Ritchie Mcaw’s book and he said that that was the one man he always feared.


Do you have any special routines you must follow before a game?

I always polish my boots the morning of game day , a ski pant must be worn comando style and I also like to read out of the Bible for that extra bit of motivation.


What makes a great player in your position?

Fitness , you have to be able to cover the whole field with ease and then definitely brains , it makes your job much easier if you can read the game.


What are your goals for 2015?

My first goal would be to play Vodacom Cup for the Cheetahs , Varsity Cup Young Guns would also be nice. But the main goal is to pass all of my subjects:)


What do you like the most about the Cheetahs?

The fact that I can be a full time student studying a legit course and being able to be in the best men’s residence , House Abraham Fischer , and still be able to do what I love which is what I like most of this union , that is why I signed here. The Cheetahs also play a running game and we showed that this year , our skills were developed massively and though not as much physically i wouldnt have had it any other way!


Wilandre -4 Wilandre -2 Wilandre -7 Wilandre -1 Wilandre -6 Wilandre -8 Wilandre -9 Wilandre -10



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