Vuyo- Kenya’s Seventh Heaven

September 17, 2014

Vuyo Zangqa was featured recently in the “IRB series of Sevens uncovered” as the brains behind Kenya Sevens improved tactical approach during the 2013/2014 HSBC World Series. Since Paul Treu took over as head coach accompanied by the talented, Vuyo as assistant coach; Kenya has become the most disciplined team in the HSBC World Series. Vuyo chats to Union Sports Mag about the team’s goals and life in Kenya.

Tell us what you are up to now?

Currently I am Based in Nairobi, been coaching the Kenya 7’s since November last year. We are preparing for the Olympic qualifiers 2016.

How hard was it to settle in another country?

It was difficult in the beginning coming from SA which is a top rugby union into basically a developing union. There are lot of privileges that you have in SA that you don’t get in Kenya. The one thing that stood out was the passion and the drive of the Kenyan players. Everybody is very friendly, and it is a great country to visit.

How are you coping without your family?

Traveling between the two countries is tougher than I thought it would be. It’s more tough on the family side. I am busy the whole week with work and it’s on the weekends that I miss the family big time.

What differences do you see between the Kenyan and South African players?

For the Kenyans, they are coming from a developing country and they are trying to be one of the best teams in Africa so i would say there is a lot more focus to become the best. Most of the players are studying and working (playing rugby) so I see how difficult it is for them and that’s when you see the commitment to the game.

How is working with Paul Treu?

It’s very inspirational as he is one of the top coaches in the world. I learn something new every day from him.

Why do you prefer 7s to 15’s?

I enjoy 7’s a lot more because of the space and the agility of the players and the tactics of the games in terms of strategy. 7’s doesn’t only focus on big and fast it also focuses on small and quick.

Top 3 rules if you want to be a successful 7s player?

Work ethics, speed helps and you’re learning process( learning from your mistakes)

Top 7s player in Africa?

Speed  – Seabelo Senatla

Work ethics – Kyle Brown, Humphrey and Collins Ingera.

Most memorable moment as a coach?

Winning Gold in the World games in 2013.

Your main focus now with the team?

Giving knowledge to coaches in Kenya. Leaving the Union in a better place than when it started. The talent is there but structures need to be put in place. I am really excited to be a part of it all and looking forward to seeing what we can do together.

All the best Vuyo!



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