Varsity Star of the week

May 9, 2014

UCT Varsity Cup star, Shaun McDonald, talks to us about his rise up the ranks…

What is your first rugby memory?

My first memory of my first game was when I was 7 years old. I played a match against Monte Vista Primary school and one of the kids hit me in the face. I started to cry. My dad said if I stop crying he will pay me R10 each time I score a try. That day I scored 7 times.

How did it happen that you played for UCT?

I played for Villagers Club in 2012. We had a match against UCT. After the season I was called by the UCT coach who offered me a place in his pre season squad.

 What made UCT win the VC?

Our whole team believed in each other and played like a family. We never gave up and trusted each other.

 Was there a time in the final that you thought it was to late too win?

Never. I believed from the start that we were going to win the game even when we where 33-15 behind I still believed we would win.

 Any rugby role models?

Jerry Collins photo of Jerry Colli

What are 3 things on your bucket list?

Going overseas, playing in a rugby test match and racing in a F1 car around a race track.

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