Varsity Cup Champ Michael Bernardt

March 31, 2014

NMMU centre, Michael Bernardt has had a spectacular campaign. His impressive skills have been noticed by his union, The Kings, where he has been invited to train with their Vodacom Cup squad.

Which school did you attend and when did you start playing rugby?

I’ve been playing rugby for as long as I can remember, since grade 1. In High school I attended Oakdale which is an agricultural boys school in the Western Cape.

 Have you always played at centre; if not, what other positions have you played?

Centre has always been my primary position, swapping between 12 and 13.. However I played one year at 10 and for the Sharks mostly at wing.

 How did you end up at NMMU and playing for the Madibaz in the Varsity Cup competition?

I had a fortunate opportunity to join NMMU for the Varsity cup and of course it’s massive exposure and I simply couldn’t turn it down.

 What has it meant to you to play Varsity Cup in 2014 – seems that the Madibaz have developed into a well-structured team?

It was an amazing experience! The Madibaz bond is that of a brotherhood and I think that is where our success started. The crowd and vibe is also unbelievable!

 What you are studying this year and how do you manage your time in terms of studies and rugby commitments?

I’m studying marketing management and economics. Finding a balance between studying and playing rugby is crucial and luckily our training and class times never clash, so we don’t miss out on one of them.

 Who has been your inspiration and why?

Tim Nanai-Williams is one of my inspirations. He is not the biggest centre but what he lacks in size he makes up for in pace and unbelievable flair!

 How do you find PE living?

I now know why they call it the friendly city. Amazing people and the bit of Varsity life is so much fun.

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