Tyrone Holmes

October 29, 2014

Tyrone Holmes hasn’t looked back since making the gutsy move to Scotland to play for the Glasgow Warriors. We caught up with Ty to see how life is going for this talented Flank.

Glasgow Warriors beat Bath this last weekend in the Europeans Champions Cup, very convincingly. What changes did your team make that contributed to this victory?

I don’t think there were too many “changes” per say. It was more of a mental thing, there is always a step up that needs to be made in order to take on one of the best teams in Europe and win, and I definitely think we achieved that. It was some of the most “complete” rugby we’ve played this season. That and the fact that we have never made it out of the pool fixtures has made us more determined than ever to do well in this European competition.

Which team mate do you most look up to?

I’m not going to be able to answer this question without getting a load of flack from the boys. But without mentioning names there are definitely a few players with certain skills and ethics that I like to learn from to improve myself as an individual and as an athlete.

Which team mate is the prankster and can you give us some examples?

There a few boys who like to classify themselves as pranksters.. but it’s usually harmless stuff that goes down, tying boys boots together, hiding things, taking compromising or funny photos of boys and then putting them up in the team meeting.. pretty much anything for a laugh.

What are the Scottish fans like?

The Scottish fans are great! Very passionate and when you’re on the field you definitely feel them there on the side line. The Glasgow Warriors are also growing their fan base week by week. Every big game we are pretty much sold out which is great for GW and for Scottish rugby.

Since running out for Scotland, how have things changed for you?

I’ll never forget that day. Capped Scottish player 1061. In running out for Scotland I’d obviously achieved a life long goal and something that can never be taken away. But the only thing really to have changed is the increasing hunger for more international rugby. And obviously with that comes a lot of hard work which I’m happy to put in.

Can you describe a big night out for you in your home town?

Hmm.. a big night out used to be pre drinks at someones house and then just club hopping until ending up at Corinthians (a night club in Glasgow) that’s usually open until 6am. Getting breakfast there and then heading home. But I’m starting to feel a little too old for that now! haha

What do you miss most about SA when you are in Scotland?

There’s definitely a few things that I miss from back home. But the things that come straight to mind are – my dogs, friends and family, the beach and braaing.

What do you miss about Scotland when you are back in SA?

I’m a sucker for beautiful surroundings and scenery. And although CT has some of the best in the world with it’s beautiful mountains and beaches, the Scottish Highlands definitely have a few spots to rival.

Are there any Scottish mannerisms or sayings you relate to?

Not really. There are a lot of funny things the Scottish say but I’ve not taken to saying any of them yet.

Which countries have you managed to visit in Europe since you arrived?

Most of the time that we get off I try to spend back in SA but I have managed to get to London, Greece, Italy and France so far.

What is your view on Scotland wanting their independence?

I missed the registration cut off point so I wasn’t able to vote. The whole thing is pretty complex but in my opinion in the short time that I’ve been here is that Scotland will eventually become independent. I believe that we weren’t ready yet. But the more powers that are devolved to the Scottish parliament the more plans and structures we will have in place to eventually run a very prosperous independent county.

Who do you think will win the Currie Cup this weekend?

WP for sure!

Editor: Correct as usual Ty)

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