Steven Kitshoff

October 8, 2014

Stormers Prop Steven Kitshoff twisted his ankle and tore a ligament during a big tackle  against the Hurricanes in the 2014 Super Rugby Tournament but is on the road to recovery. He is expected back in January 2015. We caught up with Kitsy to see how things are going for the powerful scrummager.

Can you talk us through your operation?

I had an operation where they put a screw in my foot to help the ligament grow back to the bone and to keep it still for 3 to 4 months.

What rehab have you been doing to make sure you have a speedy recovery?

I have been doing lots of cycling, spent a lot of time on the balance ball and small leg exercises to strengthen the quads and glutes.

How are you remaining positive?

Seeing WP play so well makes me want to get back on the field as soon as possible. I miss it.

Any player standing out for you in the Currie Cup?

Yes, I think Nizaam is playing very well and when Jean Kleyn came on the scene, he really proved himself.

What sort of chirps go on in the scrum?

There is a lot of swearing back and forth, I would not like to say word for word because it might be inappropriate to be printed ha ha

Who has tackled you the hardest?

It would have to be Kevin Base. I remember that one quite well.

Which player displays the most sportsmanlike behaviour?

I can’t really say one specific person. When we play the Brumbies the Smith brothers always come and chat to us after the game and they are great guys. Richie McCaw is always friendly after the game no matter what the result is.

Who motivates the team during half time?

Normally we will split up, forwards/backs and then Matt has his say with us Forwards and then Fleckie will take over the Backs. Allister is usually the one that gets us all fired up.

Any rituals before a game?

No, not really. I don’t have anything like right boot first then left boot but I do try and keep the same routine throughout the day before a game such as same food at the same time.

What songs do you listen to before a game to amp you up?

I have a mixture between Linkin Park and Eminem. That normally does the trick.

What do you eat before the game?

Breakfast has to be eggs, bacon and then some toast. Lunch is normally some chicken and veg with a little bit of pasta and then right before the game I will have a banana and maybe a flap jack.

What have you been doing while you have been injured?

I went to Mauritius with my girl friend, Aimee, which was fantastic. We went para sailing, snorkelling with dolphins and drank lots of cocktails. Ha ha

Thanks Kitsy and all the best for your recovery.

Thanks guys.

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