Sean Robinson

October 7, 2014

Ex sharks Fullback, Sean Robinson, is plying his trade at Racing Metro U23 squad and is relishing every moment at the prestigious club. We caught up with the talented Fullback to see how he is getting on in the city of love.

How is the new club?

It is great everything is really professional and in place. The club takes really good care of it’s players and there’s a great vibe around all the players and coaching staff..

Where are you staying?

I’m currently staying in the club’s centre formation with a couple of other players of the club..

How is your french coming along?

mmm the french language is really difficult to speak as I’ve come to notice but I’m living in a environment where everybody is speaking french all the time so I’m learning new things about the language everyday..

How is the food?

It is good, more or less the same as in South Africa except they don’t eat as much meat as we do and they don’t braai but they do barbecues.

What are your team mates like?

Everybody is so nice they treat each other with respect and like most rugby players they’re full of jokes..

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

Not yet as I am still exploring the city but I love the sushi restaurants around Paris.

All the best Sean. looking forward to seeing your progress.

Thanks guys.

sean r


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