Scarra on Bok Tour

November 19, 2014

Exclusive: On Bok tour with Scarra Ntubeni.


What have you been up to apart from a lot of sight seeing and training?

I was out a lot in London last week but in Italy we have been busy. We will probably all go out on wednesday night but on Thursday I am going to drive a Ferrari!!!!!


How did you manage that?

My agent, Hilton is here and he organized myself, Lwazi and Eben to go with him for a spin. I think driving the Range Rover back home has made me fall in love with cars, it’s amazing what they can do these days…technology wise…an of course they don’t call me the Stig for nothing. Lol.


Looking forward to seeing pictures of you in action “Lewis Hamilton”.

Ha ha Gracias. (Ed: That’s Spanish Scarra but we’ll let that go due to extreme Ferrari fever)


Who in the squad have you unexpectedly bonded with ?

Trevor Nyakane and Oupa Mahoje. I laugh the whole day with them no matter where we are…in the streets, restaurant, airport even at training.


How has the training been for you?

The training has been particularly hard  so sucking gas a bit, because after the Currie Cup final we had a bit of a break so it put me in a bit of a holiday mode. I had no idea I would get a call up  but Ja I am slowly getting back to full fitness. I could play a game now.


How is the mood in the camp for the Italy game?

Very exciting, different atmosphere and playing wise especially for the Forwards hence the more home work, tough guys!


It is your first time in Italy, what do you like about it?

Yep the first time…I love the food and just trying to learn the language. The people I have met have been really helpful. The one lady came into my room to clean and she chatted away for about 2 minutes before she realized I didn’t have a clue what she was saying. Now she’s taken me under her wing and helps a lot.


Who are you rooming with?

Damian De Allende who is quite the snorer. ha ha


Which country has the prettiest girls…Italy or South Africa?

Ooohhh you are going to get me in trouble. SA girls are beautiful but these Italians have something different about them like they are naturally exotic. I wish I could speak the language.


What do the non playing guys get up to on game day, do you get hosted by the Italians or any special treatment?

Nah we are just around the team, but the night before we go on a team dinner, that’s pretty nice.


If you could be invisible for a day would you choose to sneak into the opposition’s changing room to hear their game plan or freak the hell out of your team mates?

Definitely freak my team mates out, I’m always keen for a laugh!


Any highlights on tour so far, that you are allowed to share with us?

Definitely meeting Arsenal player, Olivier Giroud at the O2 Arena while watching Djokovic!


Good luck to you and the guys for the rest of the tour.

Cheers guys!

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