Sbura Sithole talks Sevens

August 15, 2013

Sbura Sithole chats to us about his experience at the Sevens 2013 Rugby World Cup…

How was the preparation for the World Cup?

Preparation for the World Cup was great… We were all slowly phased into things with ease. The coaches understood we hadn’t played Sevens in a while so they made things easier for us to understand and we all easily slotted in.

Tell us about the Rome 7’s?

Rome 7’s was a great introduction back into Sevens again. The main thing there was we just had to get that rhythm back and implement the skills and game plans and putting it all into place… It was a total success overall and getting “man of the final” medal was a great reward for the hard work.

How did you spend your time off the field?

We tried to do a lot of sight seeing and just casual walks around the city… But, most of the time off was spent trying to recover for the next days’ training and sorting out any niggles players had.

Did you guys eat any thing out of the ordinary?

The hotel served food everyone that everyone was used to so we didn’t really get to taste any traditional Russian food. But we definitely had a Pasta overload in Italy. Ha ha pasta for lunch and dinner got a little bit too much.

What was your impression of Russia?

My impression of Russia was different from what I expected… Very different from any other countries that I have been to as well… It’s a very beautiful country and very expensive… Would definitely love to visit it again.

How was the support for the team?

Support was great. South Africa is a very proud rugby nation and support from fans and normal people was very humbling… Not only here in the country but South Africans living in Russia made it so special for all of us.

photograph of Sbura Sithole in Russia  photograph of Sbura Sithole at Sevens

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