SA U20 Q&A

May 8, 2014

SA U20 stars Thomas du Toit and Jean luc du Plessis talk rugby!

What is your first rugby memory?

Thomas: Scoring a 30 metre try in Grade 1 and my friends going crazy about it.

Jean Luc: Playing in the back yard with my father and Calie Esterhuizen and also passing the ball in the living room with my father whilst we waited for supper to be ready!

 How has the selection process for SA U20 been?

Thomas: Very difficult because I was very in-between two teams. The Vodacom Cup team and then for the trials for SA U20. It was stressful because I wanted to give my all to both teams.

Jean Luc: We were nominated to participate in the trials where we then played and got selected in a squad. Then 2 weeks of training camp and a couple of games and the final touring world cup squad was selected!

 What will make you win the tournament?

Thomas: We have many players with a lot of experience, our physicality will help us very much. We have great coaches  and the ability to play as a team and win as a team!

Jean Luc: I think being able to perform on the day and also team spirit as we have the players and the talent so I think being able to gel will play a big role!

Obviously winning is the number one goal. Do you have any other thing you want to achieve on tour?

Thomas: Of course I want to make new friends and mainly learn from the best coaches South Africa has to offer. Everything is a learning opportunity for me and I tend to grasp it with both hands! And then to gain experience as I want to make the team next year too. And to enjoy it that is always the main goal!

Jean Luc: Of course winning is the no 1 goal for the team and me as a player! I think other things I’d like to take out of the tournament is the enjoyment of the experience and obviously to play well personally!

Any rugby role models?

Thomas: Os du Randt, Jannie du Plessis and overall role model John Mcgrath and my father Jacobus du Toit

Jean Luc: I’d say my rugby role model is my father! For the great player he was and everything he achieved on the field but also off the field and how he conducts himself and the example he sets and is!

Name 3 things on your bucket list?

Thomas:  Sky dive or bungy jump, Play in and win a World cup and lastly, settle down on my farm one day.

Jean Luc: To go on a roadtrip with Paul van der Berg (Ed’s note: Been there done that, nearly died!)! To own a yacht…and to be involved with the FBI as a consultant!


photo of Sharks boys having a blast

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