Racing Robinson

February 22, 2016

Fullback Sean Robinson has been plying his trade at French club, Racing metro, for the last few years. We caught up with this legend in the making to see if it really is “Viva La France’.


Last time we spoke you were looking forward to exploring Paris a bit more. What have you discovered?

I like to try out new coffee shops every time I have some off time and same for the restaurants aswell, either way I just love walking around in Paris to look at the beautiful argitecture off the buildings and to see new things..


Parlez vous Francais deja?

ui,je parle français deja mais pas trés bien,je dois travaile plus..
Yes I already speak some french but not very well, I still have some work left with my french but I understand almost everything people are saying and I can have an basic conversation.


How was the transition from U23 to the senior side like?

he transition wasn’t to dificult because of the fact that I’ve been training with the team for a long while now and I made some good friends in the Senior side that always seem to make it easier in what ever I do on the field and always support me aswell off the field.


Where were you during the recent terrorist attacks in Paris?

I was actually in my apartment getting ready to go for a small gym session but didn’t know about it until my girlfriend called me to tell me.


Are there still strict security measures in and around Paris?

Yes there’s a lot of security measures put in place with a lot of soldiers and police roaming around the popular attractions of Paris.


With the arrival of Dan Carter at Racing, how has that impacted on the team?

He seemed to fit in easily with all the guys and already had good friends that were waiting for him here,he’s been playing really well with the team and really had a massive contribution to every game he has played with racing.


Who do you look up to the most in the team?

I really look up to Joe Rokocoko because I grew up watching him play for the all blacks,and I’ve learned a lot from him since he arived at racing, he’s also a great guy on an off the field just in general


Where do you live?

I live in Sceaux in the suburbs of Paris


Are there many differences between the French and South African cultures?

There are some differences yes but south Africa has so many different culture’s all over south Africa that it doesn’t seem that different from ours they just speak a different language and they don’t braai make biltong or drink brandewyn.


How is the season looking?

The season is going great so far we’re currently at the top of the log in Top 14 and we qualified for the play offs in the champions cup,but I’ve been unlucky with a couple of injuries the last couple of months but everything is still going great.

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