Questions and answers with Roelof Smit

September 9, 2013

Blue Bulls star Roelof Smit chats to us about being a fetching sensation…

If you could be a pro in any other sport besides rugby, what sport would you choose?

I would choose squash because I played it in High School. I enjoyed the tempo of the game. It makes you tired and teaches you to focus.

Who is your rugby hero?

François Louw. His work rate on the field is outstanding and I would like to play like him.

What will life after rugby entail for you?

I am studying Mechanical Engineering and l would like to have my own engineering business one day.

Who was the first girl you ever kissed?

Andriëtte Roux

Your best pizza topping?

Chicken with pineapple, cheese and avocado.

If there was a reality show made about you now what would you call it?

The Fetching Sensation – RS.

Choose 3 people you would love to have dinner with?

Definitely with my family. I know it’s more than 3 people but, my mother, father, my elder brother, Stephan, and my twin sister, Marista.

Are there any quotes or sayings you live by?

Rather be disappointed by the fact that you can’t, than being disappointed by the fact that you didn’t even try.

In a race between Bjorn , Sergeal and Hosea, who would you put your money on?

Definitely Sergeal Peterson

Best school memory?

The day we beat Paul Roos 48 – 10 at Wilde Klawer (Kimberley)

What music do you listen to?

I’m a person who sticks to my roots. Afrikaans music is what I listen to mostly although I do try listening to different genres now and then because I am young and I am still learning.

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