Pumie in New Zealand

August 28, 2015

Prop forward Pumie Mguca chats to Union Sports Mag from New Zealand where he is playing a season at Burnside High School.

Where are you living in New Zealand? 

I am living in Heathfield in Fendalton.

Where do you train?

I do my training at Burnside High School at the gym or at Burnside Club.

How are you finding the rugby program?

The program helped me a lot to be a bigger person on and off the field knowing what is right or wrong. The rugby was a bit hard at first and learning all the Japanese kids names was very challenging. The rugby is at a really good standard and has helped me a lot with my tackling skills and through this program I have met a lot of famous players and coaches which was awesome.

Is the rugby training different to what you are used to back in SA?

The training is similar but it is different in the sense that during the day I train with the program and afterwards I had 1st XV training so I got to experience both which was amazing.

Apart from rugby, what else have you experienced?

On a normal day without any rugby I mostly rest at home or visit friends. One of the best places I went to was with my home stay family called Wanaka. Best place to go to for a holiday.

What do you like best about NZ?

The best thing I like is surely the people they are very friendly and caring. When I arrived I thought people would not accept me easily but they have accepted me with open arms especially my home stay family, the Hardings. I am really lucky to be staying with such an awesome bunch of people.

What are your plans when you return to SA in November?

My plan is to finish off 2 subjects then I can apply for Varsity and play for the U19 EP Kings academy.

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