Pouncing Puma Chris Cloete

November 20, 2015

After a successful Currie Cup campaign with WP, Chris Cloete was swooped up by the Pumas in Nelspruit for the 2016 Currie Cup season.

Chris will fit in with the hard working Puma team as they are, like Chris, in top physical form and rely on guts and determination from all of their players.


First impressions of Nelspruit?

Hot and friendly.
How are you finding the team?

It’s great to be here. Nice bunch of guys. They have made me feel at home.
What have you been up to?

It’s been really fun. I have gone to the Kruger National park which was great. I have been having lots of braai’s. Also did the Colour run and some fishing.
Seen the big five yet?

Nope, not all of them yet, I have seen 4 out of the 5. Have not seen any Rhino though, which is a shame because they are all being poached.
How has pre-season been for you?

Pre-season has been tough but it’s nothing I have not experienced before. The heat is hard to deal with though, not used to it.
Where are you living now?

I am currently staying on my Aunts’ Macadamia farm which is 60km out of town.
Goals for this season?

Definitely to have a good season and be in the starting line-up.

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