Plank in Parma

December 7, 2015

Johan  Meyer affectionately known as Plank to his teammates made the move from the Sharks to Parma in Italy and is relishing every moment of this new adventure. Plank fitted into the team straight away linking up with other Saffas Kayle van Zyl and Dries van Schalkwyk. He made an immediate impact within the team and is a vital part of the Zebre loose trio.

Where do you play and stay?

I play for Zebre rugby club. We are based in Parma and I live in the lovely town as well .

Whats your favorite food?

Definitely a pasta tagliatelle carbonara and the famous Parma Pepe sandwich

Are there big differences in the way you trained in South Africa compared to your new club?

At Zebre we focus and work hard on strength and gym work. But the rest is the same.

How are you getting along with the language?

Well I am starting to talk more and can follow a basic conversation

What do you do on your days off?

I like to explore around the town and local area. I make sure to spoil myself with a Gelato in the town centre. I like to play a bit of golf with Dries van Schalk Wyk and the rest of the guys.

What are your plans for Christmas?

Well we are planning a big Christmas lunch for all the foreigners. But we will have to keep in mind that we are playing a game on the 27th!!

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