Nyasha Tarusenga Lions star

April 17, 2014

 Guest columnist, Benedict Chanakira,  caught up with promising Black Lion, Nyasha Tarusenga, a top quality loose forward who is fast gathering a roar and soon will be a house-hold name in South Africa.

How does it feel having been part of Craven Week 2013?

Craven Week 2013 was a great 
experience and I was honoured and 
blessed to have been part of it. Was 
a great feeling and I learnt a lot
 playing at that level.

Do you plan to make the SA Schools side this year?

Making SA Schools would be a great 
achievement but this year I’m just
 trying to better what I did last year.

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

I intend on getting signed somewhere
 this year and from there continue my
 studies. As part of those plans I’m
 looking at playing Varsity Cup and
Vodacom Cup and possibly Super

Who has been the most influencial person in your bright and promising career?

Definitely has to be my family and
 all the people who have helped
 support me and have made things
 happen for me.

Your brother was one of the most gifted lock forwards in Zimbabwe in 2009. Has he made an impression on your rugby?

My brother is the person who helped me
 realise that I love playing rugby and
 from then on he has taught me almost all I 
know. He still continues to teach 
me to this day.

Who is your favourite sports icon and why?

My favourite icon has to be Richie
 McCaw because, not only is he a great 
leader and a great rugby player but, 
he has great resilience and is friendly and caring towards his fans.

Do you harbour dreams to play for the Springboks one day?

One day I do hope to wear the green
 and gold.

What is your approach to big games?

I just ensure I don’t spike my sugar levels and no meat on game day. A couple of rugby tributes and visualizations and I’m good to go.

Gym is important nowadays as a rugby player. How dedicated are you?

Conditioning is very important for
 me as a player. I am always trying to 
be at my best and that includes a lot
 of work at the gym so I take it very

What are you aiming to study after school? Any scholarship offers?

As it is I am looking at studying 
Finance, but still a lot of options to go 
over and I have had an offer from the 
University of Free State.

Do you ever return to Zimbabwe?

I return home quite often and I 
usually spend my holidays there.

Favourite music?

House and Hip-Hop

Favourite car?

Mercedes Benz

Favourite brand?



Nyasha Tarusenga running out photo of Nyasha Tarusenga & team


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