Moments with Marvin

February 2, 2015

How is pre season going?

Pre season went really well. We trained very hard and everyone is looking forward to the Super Rugby season to start soon.


What can we expect from the Bulls in the super rugby?

We are looking to play a more attractive brand of rugby but not moving too far away from what has been working for the Bulls in the past few years.


Any player that we must look out for in the warm up games?

A lot of the youngsters in the squad have been impressive in training so I think guys like Jesse Kriel and Duncan Matthews are guys to look out for amongst others.


Whats it like playing with Victor?

I feel really lucky to have been working with him as my coach for a couple of years now, playing with him is even more special. I learn a lot from him everyday.


What are your personal goals for 2015?

I want to make a good impression in our warm up games so I can win the coach’s confidence to give me a few games in the Super Rugby this year.


Have you had time to play any Golf as we know how much you enjoy the game?

I only got a set recently, thanks to Mr Price,  but I haven’t been able to play yet. I will start on the driving range before I embarrass myself in a real game as I haven’t played any golf yet. I am really excited to start playing though.



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