Minutes with Mikey

December 4, 2015

Western Province hooker, Mikey Willemse chats to us about this last season.

What did you do on your off time?

I tried to play as much golf as possible, I just recently got into it and am really enjoying it. I try to chill as much as I could because we are so busy during the season.
What are you going to take from last season into this next season?

I think I learnt how to be a bit more confident in myself and my abilities. Going into this next season I will back myself more and be more confident if I get the opportunity but other than that- stick to what I know and what has worked in the past.
How have the first days of preseason been?

We have been doing mainly testing and getting introduced to the new coaching staff, finding out what the plan is going  forward and how we are going to achieve it.
What has the vibe in the team been like with the new coach and moving onto next season?

Ya it is pretty vibey, it is quite a young side because of all the players overseas but everyone is pretty excited with the plans going forward. It looks promising there is a lot of talent in the squad.
What was it like to meet Eddie Jones for the first time?

It was pretty cool. I have not really gotten to know him well yet, it was just an introduction. I was quite nervous though, you always have to give a good first impression so I bought my A game ha ha
Goals for next season?

Personally, I just want to get a good couple of Super Rugby games under my belt and establish myself firmly in Western province set up throughout the year. As a team I reckon it would be nice to win trophy whether it be Super Rugby or Currie Cup.
How are you going to stay fit and disciplined in December?

We have a big touch rugby group in Knysna, so I will be very active doing that. I will also try do as many activities as I can. Will try run every day but other than that just keeping active and doing as much as I can.

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