Marvin Orie

July 11, 2014

Blue Bulls Lock, Marvin Orie, star is on the rise. He chats to us about life in the fast lane


 How did you react and feel when you knew you where in the match 23?

I felt relieved (because I wasn’t in the team at first) and very happy and what made it more special was the fact it was in my home province.

 Who was the first person you told you made the team?

My mom.

How did you feel running out on the field?

I was super excited!

 What did you do to stay calm the night before the match?

My family came to visit me at the hotel and whenever I’m around them I feel relaxed. Their belief and confidence in me also helps me to stay calm

How does it feel being in the same team as legends like Victor Matfield?

It is an awesome feeling and I am enjoying every moment of it! I learn a lot from Victor too. Every day in training and match days I learn and see what it takes to play at the highest level for as long as he did.

 What is the feeling in the Bulls camp for the upcoming Currie Cup?

Everyone is excited for the Currie Cup and doing their best in helping prepare themselves as best possible to win it this year.

 What is the difference between Vodacom Cup and Super rugby?

It seems faster and more physical. The margin for error is also a lot less. Taking nothing away from the VC which is also a very tough competition.

 How did you stay motivated and positive during your re-hab?

My family played a big role in always being there for me especially on the bad days. I always believed and still do that there are greater things in store for me so that also helped me get through that difficult time.

 What more can we expect from you in 2014?

I am hoping to get more game time in our last Super Rugby game against the Rebels in the hope of convincing the coaches I am worthy of playing in the Currie Cup this year. I want to get regular game time at that level and secure my place in the team.

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