Marvin Orie- Locked & Loaded

October 23, 2015

After not having too much game time this year, Marvin Orie has knuckled down in this year’s Currie Cup and has made the Number 5 Lock position his own. Despite his team being knocked out, he remains in high spirits, true qualities for this natural born leader.

How was your first season of seniors Currie Cup?

Amazing, really good. It was challenging at times but I loved it.
Toughest game of the season?

Lions at Loftus. It was very physical and they are a great team.
What was the highlight for you this year?

It would have to be the win against WP, that was special.
What are you going to take away from this season?

I felt like it was a good season but there is always room for improvement. I would like to work more on my conditioning and skills e.g. lineouts receives etc.
Goals for next year?

My number one goal would be to Start for the Bulls in the Super Rugby
Plans for rest of the year?

Taking a break from any rugby now, visiting family and then will start running next week and then when pre-season starts I will start heavy conditioning training.
Prediction for Currie Cup final?

I think the Lions will win with 8-15 points.
What is special about the Bulls?

It’s like a family away from home! Ever since I got there I felt like I belong, they have a good way of making you feel at home.
Prediction for semi-final NZ vs SA?

I am 100% backing the Bokke!!!!



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