Marne Coetzee Q&A

March 25, 2014

Sharks Prop, Marne Coetzee chats to Union Sports Mag about life as a Shark..

How was Varsity Shield pre season?

It was very good there was lots of hype around John Mitchell as head coach.

 Tell us about your injury?

It was during a scrum Koggies (Gideon Koglenburg) was the lock scrumming and I thought he kicked me on the Achilles heel as it sounded like a gun shot but I managed to finish the scrum but after that I realised it had snapped.

 What was the pain like?

After the Adrenalin passed it was flipping sore.

 How long are you out for?

Looks like I will be out for around 6 months.

 Hows rehab?

Its going well.  I am just starting the swimming, walking and cycling stage so they are happy with where I am.

 What are your thoughts on Jake White?

I haven’t had much to do under him so far as I have been at the Varsity Shield and now my injury, but the guys are saying he knows what he wants and he will work extra hard to get it.


To recover and play Super rugby then for the Springboks.

 Best number 3 in world rugby?

Gustra Giovani

 Which number 3 do you think you play the most similarly to?

PJ Botha

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