Ludik at Ulster

August 26, 2014

Louis Ludik recently made the move from French club, Agen, to top European club, Ulster. He chats to us about his new adventure in Ireland, the land of a thousand welcomes.

Is the rugby style different from Agen to Ulster?

Yes it is. There is a lot of detail here in Ulster. The coaches are very pedantic about our roles. Maybe I missed a lot with the language difference in France but that’s what I felt.

Do you miss anything about France?

I miss the lifestyle a lot. It’s really the best lifestyle out there. Very relaxed and they love their food. So did we..

 What do you like about Ireland?

I love the friendliness of the Irish. They make it very easy to fit in.

Can you understand the Irish Accent?

Yes it’s much easier than the French accent. I do say ‘excuse me’ quite a lot. Especially when they talk fast which they tend to do more often than not.

 What food would you say that you eat the most there?

I eat a lot of vegetables with my wife, Chame. I try to eat as healthily as possible. We really enjoy Indian food a lot too.

 How has the summer been, are you ready for the cold?

The summer had been so nice. We went to Portugal for a pre season camp so that was amazing and hot. Got bit of a tan there. Gonna have to last me a long winter on the side.

Where do you plan to holiday next?

We would like to go to Italy next. Although we are thinking of New York.

How are Milly Saint Claire and  Sean Paul, your two beautiful Shar Pei dogs enjoying Ireland, was it hard to move them?

Was not too hard to move them. These days there are no quarantine for them. Only blood tests and vaccinations. My agency, Union Sports Group,  helped us a lot with the move and made it easier.

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