Louis Ludik in France

March 24, 2014

Ex Sharks fullback, Louis Ludik, is loving life in France with his beautiful wife in the stunning town of Agen.


How are things going in France?

We are enjoying France a lot thanks. Was the warmest winter in years so we are not complaining. It is starting to warm up now as well.

 What do you miss most about South Africa?

We miss our friends and family and understanding what everyone is saying.

 Have you learnt to speak French, what can you say?

Yes we are learning, we can say quite a lot now. We can help ourselves in a restaurant, basic conversation, all fruit, vegetables, counting and understand quite a bit. French has almost double the amount of tenses than English has and every object is either male or female so you have to learn that as well. So it is quite tough to say the least.

Best thing about France?

You can drive for only an hour or two and you will see the most amazing places and other countries are just around the corner.

 Where have you managed to visit?

Two weeks ago we drove to Monaco and saw a couple of places on the South-east coast. We loved Nice, Cassis and saw Aix- en Provence, saw Freddy and his family in Toulon. Stayed in Nimes and saw Arles as well. Unbelievable places. We are so blessed and thank ful to see all these places.


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