Living like a King with Tom Botha

November 16, 2015

“Living like a King with Tom Botha”

Top three things to do it PE?

We have got some real top class breakfast spots and coffee shops , great golf courses in and around PE , and you can hunt about any Game you wish within 60 min around PE !
When does pre-season start?

Preseason starts 12 November until 18 December.
How is the off time?

The off time has been really good to recover from all the bumps and bruises especially for these ugly cauliflower ears  . Spending most of my off time in Stellenbosch as its my favorite city in SA.
How is the team feeling about next season?

I think the team has grown enormously as a group and a lot of young players have matured well which is exciting. Under the difficult circumstances we have been experiencing, I think our team has showed some good character !
What are you going to take from this year to next year?

I think we posed a real threat in this years Currie Cup in the scrums as all 8 forwards worked together as a unit. At the moment I am doing a lot of core strength and training with elastics to become as explosive and agile as possible because of the high tempo Super rugby is played at !
Highlight of this year?

Definitely beating the Cheetahs !

Which player has stood out to you this season?

Definitely Tim Agaba

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