Lighting up the Lions

April 1, 2015

Uber talented Centre, Rohan Janse van Rensburg, chats to Union Sports Mag about his move from the Blue Bulls to the Emirates Lions.


Tell us about your first impression of the Emirates Lions set up when you first arrived?

I thought it was great. All the equipment that was needed was there and I enjoyed every bit of it.


How were you treated by your new team mates?

I was treated like I had been there for years. They immediately took me in and made me feel welcome.


How does the coaching differ from what you were used to at the Blue Bulls?

It was a more diverse game plan and I needed to get comfortable with the way they were playing.But the coaching is fantastic.


How do you find the fans at home games?

The fans are the people that carry the team through every second of the game. They are awesome. They are a very proud and passionate crowd.


The Lions recently made history on tour killing the Reds in Brisbane and securing their third win. How does that make you feel being part of such a an awesome team?

It’s a blessing to see that what I’m starting to be a part of is able to make history and show that our structures and gameplan works.


Where and who do you stay with?

I stay in Kensington in a 4 bedrom place. Have a room mate, Ruan Van Rensburg, a small confusion for some people. 5 min away from the stadium, so very convenient.


Tell us what you get up to on your off days?

I play Golf. Thats all I do on my off day. And on weekends I join the neighbourhoods market in the city.


Who is the prankster in the squad?

The prankster or more like the joker is Alwyn Hollenbach. He is always willing to make a joke.


Who is the messiest and most disorganized member of the team?

Pieter Scholtz for sure.


Who gets you guys going at half time in the changing room?

Everyone. We all motivate each other and draw energy from each other, it is actually a special thing.


How is the Vodacom cup going?

It has been going very well having not lost one game so far. But the season is still young but we are very blessed with the ways things have been going at the moment.


What have you learnt in this competition so far?

No matter where you go there always will be challenges. Every team has something special within them that they bring to the field and that’s always nice to see and learn. You won’t always get what you expect.

Finally, what can we look forward to this year?

You can look forward to seeing exciting and attractive rugby. A faster and more old school type of rugby with a twist. Very special to see.



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