Leyds Returns

October 10, 2014

Fullback Dillyn Leyds has returned to Western Province after a successful stint in Australia with the Western Force. Less than a week after he landed back in Cape Town he was thrust into his first Currie Cup game against the Cheetahs. We caught up with Dill during this interesting time in this talented Fullback’s life.

Best memory in Oz?

It would have to be my debut for Western Force. We played against the Crusaders so that made it even more special.

What are the differences between Australian and South Africans?

The Aussie’s are really relaxed and easy going and very forward. It takes long for things to happen e.g. make plans for the evening etc. More laid back than South Africans.

Who is the funniest player in the Western Force?

Zack Holmes

Did you see lots of kangaroos?

Ha ha ha Yes I did, it was cool.

Did you eat Kangaroo?

I did, indeed. It’s popular there. We actually ate quite a bit, it’s a tough meat though.

Tell us about the Western Force’s training?

They love playing games amongst the team whether it be for contact or conditioning. Its very well structured. So more game playing than actual set training sessions.

Where was your local “hang out”?

Maltbar, great place.

What did you miss the most while you were there?

Definitely the braaing. You are not allowed any open fires there so when you braai it is all done on gas. It’s not the same as a wood fire.

Best restaurant?

It’s a place called Flipside. Their Burgers are spectacular.

Who did you live with?

I lived with Slak van Wyk, Dylan Sage and then one of the Western Force’s admin staff. Really cool bunch of people.

How many SA players are there in the team?

9, I think…

The NRC, what do you think?

It’s too early to comment in depth but it is really going to benefit Australia’s rugby in the long run.

Most famous person you saw in Australia?

I actually saw Russell Crowe in the super market. The Western Force team doctor is the doctor for most of the bands and artists that come to Australia to play so he was able to get us tickets to any concerts. I was able to see Justin Timberlake, Pharell Williams and Justin Bieber. It was killer.

What are you listening to on your ipod right now?

Chicken Fried, Zack brown.

And finally, does it feel good to be back?

It is GREAT!! So nice to see family and friends again. I am lucky to have had the experience of playing overseas and I am very excited to play again for Western Province. It’s an exciting time.

Thanks Dill. Looking forward to seeing you make your mark!

Cheers guys.

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