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October 1, 2015

We caught up with Stormers stars, Jean Kleyn and Dillyn Leyds to see how their Juice Revolution is going.

What were your initial thoughts when introduced to Juice Revolution?
Dill- At first I didn’t quite know what to expect but, after the introduction from the owners it was pretty straight forward to see what they are all about. It’s a product that not too many people would be familiar with but it is currently growing in status. The setup is amazing and the behind the scenes effort is remarkable.
JK- I was unsure at first as to what it entailed but after speaking to Fiona I was really excited to try the juices. It was great getting a first look at how these juices are made, it was amazing to see how many raw ingredients are added.
What was the best part of juicing?
Dill-For me it was definitely the taste. When I first read the ingredients on the label I couldn’t begin to think how all these fruits and veggies can be mixed together and it surprised me so much. You could taste the juice was fresh and healthy.
JK– The best part was that you feel healthy when you juice and you get sustained energy.
Favourite juices?
Dill– 100% the Reloaded
Why would you recommend Juice Revolution?
Dill– I think it’s a great product because its beneficial for everyone. It’s not just a product for sportsmen who are active but also for an everyday working person. The health aspect of it is second to none and the taste of these juices are simply amazing.
JK– I would recommend it because it worked for me. I didn’t think that it could make such a difference to my training and recovery but it made a massive difference.
How did it benefit you?
Dill– The reason why I said Reloaded was my favourite was simply because it gave me the much needed recovery straight after a tough session. I wasn’t feeling fatigued and that was huge for me. Another great thing about Juice Revolution was the daily juices that I use to have as regular snacks are great because they are healthy- they are filled with nutrients and vitamins. So I always know I am staying healthy as well as keeping me full.
JK- I have way more energy than before. One day when I forgot my juices at home I could literally feel the difference in not taking them. The double sessions at training were a lot easier to manage.


Thanks guys, we look forward to joining the Juice Revolution!!

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