Jean Luc making waves

May 9, 2016

Flyhalf Jean Luc du Plessis has burst onto the scene with great gusto since taking over flyhalf position for the Stormers.  His cool, calm approach at such a tender age, has been lauded by industry insiders. We chatted to the feisty kicking machine…

What can you remember of your first Super Rugby game?
I just remember pure excitement and a bit of adrenaline.. It was at Newlands which was a dream come true and it was against the Brumbies.. We won quite well which made the debut that little sweeter as well.

How was your pre season preparations? 
Pre season was tough.. We got out through our paces by the conditioning team.. But as it drew to an end, it became a bit easier and then the excitement for the start of the season kicked in.

How do you stay motivated during the season?
It’s very easy for me to stay motivated in season.. As every weekend is very important to reach the goals of the team and also you want to perform and contribute week in week out.. So for me I’m always motivated in season as I have a massive drive to do well!!
What’s your first impressions of Super Rugby?
Its unbelievable.. Really stoked to be getting an opportunity to showcase my talent at Super rugby level. It’s very demanding both physically and emotionally. The game is played at a quick tempo and at high intensity..and every weekend is a big and important game. But absolutely loving it.

What’s your match day routine? 
My match day routine would be to wake up latish morning and have a nice breakfast whilst watching the early morning rugby games.. I then go into the team hotel and will have something to eat and maybe get a massage and then get strapped. After which we will head to the stadium on the team bus.. Get in the change room.. Listen to some music whilst getting ready and then will head out for warm up.

If you had to be a pizza…. what toppings would be on you?
Haha depends who is eating😉 if it would be an attractive young lady I might add some sauces to my body ha h aha no only joking.. I’ll go for bacon, avo and feta.
Which actor will play you in a movie about your life?
ha ha I actually asked my mates this.. Quite difficult because I’ve got a few different sides to my life and personality… But if I would have to say  maybe a mixture of Jim Carey and Tom Hardy.

Best way to spend a day off?
Best way to spend a day off would be a nice round of golf in the morning with some mates. And then enjoy a nice lunch as well as a beer with some mates. And then just to go home and relax in front of the tv and watch an action movie or some series like New girl.
Rugby role models? 
Rugby role model would be my father.. Might sound cliche but its the truth.. Not only for what he achieved in the game and how he played, but also how he conducted himself both on and off the field. He still is my role today whether it be rugby or in life. Carlos Spencer was a big rugby hero for me. I sort of like to think that I base some of my play on King Carlos.
If not rugby what would you do?
I would see myself most probably as a sniper or some sort of black ops Navy Seal ha ha.


CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - APRIL 08: Jean-Luc du Plessis of the Stormers during the Super Rugby match between DHL Stormers and Sunwolves at DHL Newlands Stadium on April 08, 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo by Carl Fourie/Gallo Images)

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