Hyron Andrews

November 12, 2014

Union Sports Mag gets 5 minutes with the uber talented Hyron Andrews.


What was the highlight for you in 2014?

Playing in all the Currie Cup games for the year.


What are your plans for 2015?

I am staying at the sharks. And building on my career as a professional rugby player at the union.


Where will you be spending your holiday?

I am a family man. So I will be in Paarl with my family.


What is you favourite pie?

Must be Pepper steak

If you could be a super Hero for a day which one would you be and why?

Superman…. just to fly home from Durban to Paarl every day.


Please give the pic a caption.


Ï told you two not to get on my bad side!!!!!

Hyron A 1 Hyron A 2 Hyron A

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