Gio at Grenoble

August 27, 2014

Gio Aplon started his foreign adventure last month at French club, Grenoble.

How did your first game go?

First game was good we didn’t get the result but came close against a good team.

How did you feel playing for a different team after so long?

Personally for me it was just good getting out there and playing.Obviously WP/Stormers will forever be in my heart. The people here welcomed and helped me a lot to feel at home so was not too strange

What food have you been eating the most?

Anything fresh, but it’s all delicious.

What is your favourite thing so far?

Nothing in particular yet, I will let you know.

Cool and anything you missing right now from home?

Just my family and driving on the left hand side. Also speaking freely cause everywhere they speak French here so bit hard to communicate.

photo of Gio Aplon in France 1st French rugby injury photo of

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