Fresh blood for Stormers

December 12, 2013

Super stars EW Viljoen and Justin Philipps are joining the the WPRI in 2014 and were invited to train with the Stormers pre season camp this month.



Tell us about preseason with the Stormers?

Justin: Preseason with the stormers is very tough physically and mentally. But between all the hard work we also got the opportunity to chill and relax with all the players, that was quite amazing.

EW: Definitely a highlight and I enjoyed it very much! It’s very tough and very tiring but it’s all worth it!

If you had to sum it up in 3 words?

Justin: Tough. Long. Kliphard!

EW: Tiring, fun, intense

Which player was your highlight to meet and train with?

Justin: here is a lot but if I had to single them out – Juan de Jongh & Siya Kolisi

EW: Siya Kolisi & Scarra Ntubeni

Most interesting training session that you had??

Justin: Most interesting definitely Clifton stairs. I never thought the stairs could become a place to train!

EW: Training session at Clifton

What was the toughest part?

Justin: Clifton stairs definitely the most tough. And also the first day I trained because I was still very unfit!

EW: The first fitness session the day I arrived!

What are you looking forward to about coming to Cape Town in 2014?

Justin: I am most looking forward to the awesome student vibe in Stellenbosch – Pretoria people are a bit boring in comparison! J

EW: New people to meet and to play with and living closer to the sea!



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