Freddie Kirsten

August 28, 2014

WP Freddie Kirsten Hooker has brawn and brains. he chats to us about where he is now and where he will be in three years…

What happened to your hand?

I tore a tendon in my middle finger. It is not normally a rugby injury, it normally happens to people that cut their hand.

 How is the recovery going?

At the moment I am on week 4 and I am only allowed to move it slowly. The week of the 27th i will do more exercises e.g. squeezing

What are you studying at the moment?

I am studying accounting. It is hard but I enjoy the challenge.

What year are you in?

I am in second year but because of rugby I have taking the degree over 5 years so I have 3 years left.

How do you do you juggle both?

It’s tough but everyone is pretty accommodating. WP lets me miss training for  tests but I have got to be careful that I don’t miss too many otherwise I won’t pass the term.

Why do you think Paarl Boys High produce such great front rows?

Richard Visagie is a great front row coach. He pays lots of attention to front row details. It’s great to have worked with him.

You live in Stellies? Best part?

Best part would be the student life, beautiful surroundings. I enjoy the diversity of it, you can do all these amazing things like wine tasting, hiking and eating out.

Once you have finished studying, where would you like to end up?


I have no idea, I enjoy where I am now. I will take it day by day and seize every opportunity I get.

Thanks Freddie and all the best!

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