EW’s Top 3

August 19, 2014

Western Province EW Viljoen is currently at the WPRI and is growing from strength to strength. His star is shining brightly and has been likened to a young Peter Rossouw. He will hit this season with a bang after recovering from a  injury. Watch our for this feisty Fullback.

EW gives us his Top 3


Pizza, Sushi and Steak.

Places in SA?

Cape Town, Jeffery’s Bay and Clifton


England, Wales, France


Ice Tea, Café Latte and a Lime Milkshake

Clothing Shops?

Ben Sherman, Sergeant Pepper and Tommy Hilfiger


BMW M6, Audi R8 and Jag X Type


Tiger Woods, Izzy Folau and Floyd Mayweather


Caprice, Gino’s and Cameron


Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Miles Teller


David Beckham, Hugo Boss and Jean Paul Gaultier

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