EW Viljoen

October 21, 2014

EW Viljoen has been thrust into the Currie Cup at a tender young age but doesn’t seem to be too fazed. He is cool as ice and is a star on the rapid rise for WP.

You have played a few Currie Cup games now. What has been the immediate difference for you on and off the field?

Training during the week is harder and done in more professional ways. Preparation for games is definitely more technical and done in detail to be the better team. From the field people start noticing you more and you should act and behave as a professional.

Which team mate do you most look up to?

Juan de Jongh!! He always has a great attitude and vibe throughout the week..

Did you go through any initiations with your new team mates that you are allowed to tell us?

No not really. Just to take one beer with your team after your debut.

What competition and against who would be your dream match to play in?

Definitely to represent my country at the highest level at the World Cup and face the Hakka against the All Blacks.

You are at the WPRI in Stellenbosch, can you tell us who is the prankster in the squad and give us some examples?

Justin , Brandon and Daniel are always busy with their little games and hide each other’s stuff away till someone gets really angry.

Who is the messiest person at the WPRI?

The people I know. Justin Phillips.

What’s the food like?

The food is always healthy and prepared well and nice to eat.

Describe your perfect night out?

After a win to go to Cubana in Stellies with my teammates and have a few drinks.

Your favourite car?


What songs are playing on your iPod?

It depends on my mood. But mostly chilled music like Kings of Leon.

Can you send us the third picture on your phone no matter what it is?



Do you have any mentors and if so, who?

No. But like to hear from my dad for advice and motivation.

Any special plans for Christmas?

To go to Jeffreys Bay with my family.

Who will win the Currie Cup this weekend?

Dhl Western Province at all three levels.

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