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September 5, 2014

Dewaldt Duvenage is having a blast at French club Perpignan and is rapidly gaining a huge fan base. He chats to us about life in the South of France.

How has pre season been?

Pre season went well, needed some preseason workouts as I had missed last years because I played 2 seasons without a break between Super Rugby and France Top14.

How is Diezel adjusting in France?

Lol he is enjoying it in France, food, sun, beach and especially the clothes and fashionable Frenchies (French Bulldogs)

What is the biggest difference between SA and France? ( culture wise)

First to mind is , definitely the language, as English is hard to come by in Catalan people here on the border of France and Spain. Surely the food as well is a big difference .. The GO-TO meals they serve are always baguettes, ham, cheese and natural yoghurt.

What are the benefits of living overseas?

Just to get out of your comfort zone was for me the first benefit, then to meet new people, cultures, language and the way they do things on and off the field.

When are you planning on coming back home for a visit?

Hopefully for Christmas, as it been almost 2 years now. Luckily my family came over to visit us this year, which made it a bit easier for me.

How are the supporters different from SA supporters?

Supporters are very passionate in Perpignan. They are very family orientated as well. For example on Sunday afternoon games they will have a sit down lunch all around the stadium on long tables. During the game we have two corners of the stadium with 2 different choirs and bands. It is all about family and it is a tradition to teach other family members so they take it forward. After the game most of the kids will run onto the field and give you a handshake.

IF there was any restaurant/takeaway place from SA that you could have in France, which would it be?

I am missing the MEAT. So will definitely be something like Cattle Baron, Gibsons Burgers or Steers.

Playing overseas, is it something you would recommend to other players?

I am enjoying it at the moment as it is a new challenge. I built my foundation in the Mother City and built up my experience, but I would recommend to any player to first start playing in SA and pursue his career in South Africa ,and when the time is right on and off the field to make the move, that he do so definitely play overseas.

All the best Dewies!

Thanks and Good luck to WP for the rest of the Currie Cup.

Training Team photo Amazing Race French style Stadium exit for Perpignan Selling the flag for charity


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