Curwin Bosch

July 21, 2014

Guest writer, Benedict Chanakira, spent time with Union Sports Group star, Curwin Bosch. This rising super star has already achieved an incredible amount and all at the tender age of 17.


Tell us about Curwin Bosch’s love for rugby?

I’ve played rugby from a very young age and so did my love for the game over the years of playing.

A pivotal player for Grey High, and now EP. What do you credit your quality displays to?

If you love the game as much as I do you’ll find a way around any excuses not to train and play the wonderful

What was going through your head in that last minute conversion against the Blue Bulls?

I’ve been in this situation before for my school so I knew that I had the teams momentum in my hands. Going through my usual routine as a kicker, made it easy for me to relax and kick as if its just another kick.

You are not the biggest player, do you feel size is important in the game? Are small players slowly being excluded from the game?

Well, not really. Rugby is about having a big heart and doesn’t matter how big you are, you heart determines your size.

You are a 7’s and 15’s specialist! Which format do you prefer ?

My love for the game is enormous, 7’s or 15’s, I don’t mind, but for now I’d like to carry on with 15 man rugby.

You have been the best player at this tournament, have led your side to historic wins and you are still 17. Describe how you are feeling after Saturday?

Being part of such a great team is a privilege and honour and doesn’t come your way often! We have worked together as a team and chased our goal which we reached! My words cannot describe the way I’m feeling now!!

Who has made the most impact on your playing career?

Family and friends play a big role as they always supportive towards me. My school Grey High has also played a role in making me the person I am today. Grateful!

Where do you see yourself in five years ?

I have set myself some goals for the future which I’m working towards. I would like to grow as a player and become a better person in the game.

Standout performances at Craven Week have caught the attention of several Unions? Have you decided on your future?

I’m still 17 years of age so I’ve still got next year to decide.

Favourite player?

Daniel Carter

Favourite movie?

Remember the Titans

Favourite quote?

“The most critical decision is made when you feel like giving up”

All the best in your career Curwin!

Thank you.

Curwin Bosch Curwin-Bosch-runs-in-for-his-try-during-day-2-of-the-Coca-Cola-Craven-Week-U18-at-HTS-Middelburg-between-Blue-Bulls-and-EP-2

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