Cloete at Kandy

October 13, 2014

Burly Flank, Chris Cloete, grabbed the opportunity with both hands when he was offered the chance to play rugby in Sri Lankan at Kandy club. We caught up with extremely fit youngster to see how things are going…

How did you end up in Kandy?

Some of the players at my club in Durban ( Chris Mickelwood and Gregg Muller) put me in contact with the guys from the club in Kandy, they were looking for someone to come and play at their club.

Where are you staying?

We are a group of guys from South Africa staying in a house provided by the club.

What is the best part so far about living in Kandy?

Probably the change in scenery and their different approach to training and game plans.

How is the food?

The food is a bit different and more spicy than I am used to…. but you can find all types of food here.

What can you tell us about Kandy?

It’s a very conservative city with lots of traditions , so not the social mecca you would think of. Rather chilled and relax but I am really enjoying it here.

All the best Chris.

Cheers guys.

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