Catching up with the Western Force lads

November 18, 2013

The Western Force recently received talented players Dillyn Leyds, Chris Heiberg and Francois (Slak) van Wyk into their squad and have been suitably impressed from the start.

How is life in Perth?

Dillyn: The people are very relaxed here and so welcoming. We’ve been having a good time and the boys are all full of jokes so things aren’t too serious off the field.

Slak: Awesome, really enjoying it a lot, people are very friendly.

Chris: Perth has been treating me really well. A lot of similarities to Cape Town. Great beaches, shopping malls and restaurants. Been tough adapting to the heat during training but I guess I can’t complain about that…guys are really friendly and hospitable.

3 best things you have discovered about Australia so far?

Dillyn: The beautiful beaches, Tim-tams and friendly people.

Slak: Tim-tams J (escpecially if you a weakness for sweet things), the best beaches, and very expensive city.

Chris: Best thing about Australia so far has to be the beaches. The weather is beautiful so heading down to the beach for a swim after a hard training session is not a bad way to end the day. The lifestyle is very relaxing so it’s been easy to settle in.

Who do you live with at the moment?

Dillyn: Slak, Wilhelm Steenkamp and Coops (an Australian referee)

Slak: Dill, Wilhelm and Coops, Australian referee

Chris: I’m very fortunate to be living with my good friend and team mate Marcel Brache.

Slak, Dillyn, Chris & Marcel

Have you had time for some sightseeing?

Dillyn: We took a drive to Kings Park which is a beautiful open field for walks and such things that looks over the entire south of Perth and the river, but other than that we’ve just seen the rugby fields and the gym haha

Slak: Not really, been very busy with training!

Chris: Haven’t had time to get out and go sightseeing due to our pre-season schedule. But I look forward to seeing all the sites and exploring Perth very soon.

Dillyn Leyds shopping

Goals for this upcoming season?

Dillyn: Hoping to make my Super Rugby debut with the Force. To be a regular in the team and enjoy every single moment I’m in Australia or wherever I might be playing

Slak: I want to play Super Rugby and make a name for myself for the future.

Chris: I think my goals for the season is firstly to have a solid pre-season with the Western Force. To stay injury free so that hopefully I can put me in the best position come selection time and to really add to the great culture that is happening at the Western Force.

 What do you miss about SA?

Dillyn: A very special lady back home but definitely my friends and family. More importantly I miss Cape Town as a whole

Slak: Braaivleis and my family and friends

Chris: Obviously family and friends will be missed massively but luckily I keep in contact regularly. And I’m very fortunate to have a few South African team mates which makes things a lot more comforting at times.

Slak checking out the sights

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