Bjorn Basson talks Super Rugby

March 4, 2014

How is super rugby going so far?

It’s going okay, we have not used all our opportunities yet.

How was the team feeling before the lions game?

We were quiet confident. We took a few good things out of our first 2 matches and I think it was good considering that we have not played to or full potential.

Any up and coming rugby players we should watch out for?

Not really at the moment but I think once a few youngster get the chance to build the confidence I will be able to name a few.

Any rituals before the game?

Not really but I love listening to music and I have to hear from my wife and son J I have to hear that they love me.

Which teams overall do you think will end up top 4?

In no particular order.. Chiefs, Bulls, Crusaders and Sharks

Which team do you think will surprise us the most?


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