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August 4, 2015

Union Sports Group Blue Bulls stars, Marvin Orie, Warrick Gelant, Clyde Davids & Andrew Beerwinkel sent us exclusive pictures from their trip to Japan to play against the Canon Eagles.

The Bulls hammered the Eagles 50-3 at the Machida Athletic Stadium despite the excessive heat and proved why they are at the top of their game. The stadium, which was expected to be full, was missing many fans who got stuck in traffic jams and missed the kick off.

“It was a hard fought game and we really enjoyed it”, said Bulls captain, Lappies Labuschagne.

Marvin chatted to us about this unique experience:

Q: So it was your first trip overseas Marvin. What can you tell us about Japan?

A: People here are really friendly. There are a lot of people in Tokyo it’s unreal. It’s also very warm and humid.


Q: What did you guys do in your off time?

A: We have been walking around a lot taking in the sights of the city. We went to a karaoke bar the one night but no one had the guts to get on stage to sing. We just had 1 or 2 cold beers with the guys. We all enjoyed a game of darts together in the pub.


Q: Where did you all stay?

A: We stayed at the eEllcy in Machida in Tokyo.


Q: How was the food?

A:  The food is not like back home at all. Looks strange but tasted amazing. Very fresh and healthy. The Japanese are a very health conscious nation.


Q: How was the game?

A:  The game was played in good spirit. The ball was a bit slippery with the high humidity so there was some handing errors but in the end we finished strong with a good win. It was an incredible experience for all of us and we certainly bonded through it. Japan is a beautiful, clean country with friendly people with impeccable manners. I can’t wait to go back one day.

Marvin in Japan-14

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