Barbarian Honour

November 23, 2015

Sharks Prop, Thomas du Toit, has been given the honour to play for the Barbarians for the second year in a row. We caught up with the champ to see if he is still smiling from ear to ear.

Where were you when you heard you got selected again to play for the Barbarians?

I was at home in my lounge when I got the call. I was so happy. Last year was an amazing opportunity for me to play for them. Was hoping to do it again. Never knew it would be so soon.

When did you arrive in the UK?

I joined up with the team on Tuesday. My flight got in around 11 am

How was the first game against Gloucester?

It was a good game. I got to play +- 40 min. We had a lot of scrums in the game and that makes it always a good game for us props.

How is the spirit within the team?

There is a great vibe in the team. Everyone is getting along great with one another. And as soon as its game time everyones personalities comes out on the field.

What would you like to get out of your experience with the Barbarians this time round?

Obviously I would like to learn as much as I can in training and in the game from the coaches and players. Off the field I want to get to see a bit more of England and make new friends along the way.

I know you are looking forward to the game against the Pumas. And we’ve seen how good they are in the RWC, especially the scrum. How do you, as a team, plan to take them on?

We all saw how good the Pumas are, and we know they have a good set piece. We don’t focus on what they can do or going to do. We can just play the Barbarians style of game ,unpredictable and at the same time so predictable. Kick nothing run every thing. Strong scrum and well worked line-outs

What are you planning to bring to the team?

All I can bring is my every thing, in doing my best and giving 100% at every thing I do. As you know the player next to you is doing the same. I want to show what I can do come scrum time.

We know it is the last game for the blood brothers Bakkies and Victor, does this change any thing for the players that are part of this moment?

It does make it so much more special if that’s possible.

How much do you think you have learnt from them?

We get a lot from them, things like how to approach a game and how to give every thing in every situation you are in.

What does it mean to you to play for the Barbarians?

As I see it, it is one of the biggest honours after playing for your country.  It is an amazing opportunity to be part of if and I wish every player can get the opportunity to play for them.


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