Andre Esterhuizen Sharks Centre

July 18, 2013

The talented Sharks  centre is set for big things…

What is your best school memory?

The last two years were actually one big memory; everything happened and began there.  Playing for the First Team of KHS and Playing for SA u/18 Sevens were the best rugby memories in High School, but school is about a lot more than only rugby. Having the greatest friends ever is a great memory, but also I think the best memory is the moment I met that one special person.

 Did you ever get detention?

Not that I’m much of a troublemaker, but yes I did get more than a few detention sessions on a Friday afternoon.

 You chose the Sharks, was that an easy decision?

I won’t say it was an easy decision, but it was indeed the right decision and also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

How have you fitted in?

I think I fitted in well, I like the whole setup here at the Sharks and they really look after you.

You can play Centre and Fullback, but what is your preferred position?

I like both positions a lot, but I prefer the centre position.

Who do you stay with?

I’m staying with three other guys, Marne Coetzee, Sandile Kubeka and I share a room with Stefan van Schalkwyk.

What do you like about Durban?

Having everything you need and anything you want to do in close range, the beach is also great on the hot days here.

Out of all your mates, who should have their own reality TV show?

Jean-Luc Du Plessis definitely.

Stats sometimes lie, so am I correct in saying you are actually 1.91m tall and weigh 104kg?

Yes that is correct.

You met the White Buffalo at the Union Sports Group braai last week. How many rounds would you last with him?

Well I’m from Klerksdorp so if he knows where it is, he’ll know he will be in for a long day.

Coming from Klerksdorp, you must be used to dry weather, how is Durban’s humidity treating you?

Klerksdorp’s weather is great in the winter, and I’m a winter person, but it is not ideal to play rugby in it. Durban’s humidity is hard in the first three months of the year, but I adapted and I’m used to it now.

What do you get up to on your days off?

Going to the beach, spending money in Gateway shopping centre and maybe having a braai and so on.

Favourite Super 15 rugby player in the world?

Ranger, from the Blues.

Best experience with the Sharks so far?

So far it will be definitely playing for the Vodacom team and especially playing with a legend like Marius Joubert. Also a great experience was training with the Super 15 squad against all the senior guys and learning from them.

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