Rynier at Ospreys

October 9, 2014

Lock, Rynier Bernardo, was snapped up by Welsh club Ospreys and is enjoying his new adventure. We chatted to Rynier to see how the powerful lock is getting on…

How was your trip over to Wales?

Wales has been great so far the weather is holding up nicely too which is a bonus.

What was your first impression when you landed?

Thank goodness it is not raining!

Can you understand anything the Welsh say?

I do not understand a single word of Welsh,but from what I’ve heard it is a hard language to learn.

Where are you staying?

I’ve found a great apartment in a new development close to the stadium called The Copper Quarter

How many pubs are in your area?

There are almost none close by but there are some good restaurants

Compare Ospreys to the Kings?

The Ospreys and Kings are very similar there is a good team vibe and culture of working hard and looking out for each other

What are the Welsh fans like?

The Welsh fans are very supportive and passionate

Have your team mates initiated you and if so can you tell us what they did to you?

Ha-ha yes I had to sing a few lines of a song which is hard since I can’t keep a note

Have you had a braai with fellow Saffa De Kock Steenkamp yet?

Yes I have had few Hanno and I, but with De Kock here the tripod can stand tall

Best & worst moments in Wales so far?

Best was winning the 1st game in the Rabo Competition and  the worst is cleaning……

All the best Rynier, looking forward to following your progress.

Cheers and Good luck to the remaining teams in the Currie Cup.

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